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Implant Dentistry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing areas within oral health care. Basal implantology residency programme is a structured tailor-made programme for allowing you to work in one the most premium state of art dental setup in Mumbai, India also giving you the opportunity to work with renowned implantologist, ex faculty at international foundation Germany current faculty at the international foundation in implant dentistry, author of India’s first dental textbook on basal implantology Dr Rohan Virani. This programme allows you to interact one on one with Dr Rohan Virani to solve all your queries related to basal implantology. He will help you with expert tips and tricks also you will be able to assist him during his implant surgeries.

If this is not enough we will also allow you to place 10 implants in patients in various scenarios where you can master the art of placing flapless immediate loading implants directly in the patient’s mouth directly under the supervision of Dr. Rohan Virani.

Once this is done he will also help you and explain various steps in the fabrication of various  prosthesis. This is accompanied by a visit to the lab where you will understand the integrities of lab steps which are involved during the fabrication of basal implant prosthesis. Next day metal tryin is carried out and on the third day, you will be allowed to the fitting of prosthesis along with occlusal calibration. All this will be done one on one under the direct supervision of Dr. Rohan Virani and you will be working directly on patients this will allow you to get a complete mastership and know the exact methods, techniques, and tips to rocket your implant practice to the next level. If you are looking at rocketing your implant practice and working with Dr. Rohan Virani who will hold your hands and guide you as to how exactly you should be doing your implants along with intensive discussions, lectures & live training then do call us on

Contents Of Residency Programme

10 implants in patient

Place 10 implants in patient with flapless immediate loading protocol under guidance of DR. ROHAN VIRANI follow up with lab work and do the lab steps under guidance of master technician hemant do the metal trial and final prosthetic fitting in the patients under mentorship of DR. ROHAN VIRANI do the final occlusal calibrations and follow up protocols with DR. ROHAN VIRANI.

Surgical kit large head handgrip small head handgrip pterygoid tẠp hàndgrip 15 implants of your choice (bcs/kos)

Carry home 15 (bcs/kos)implants from the no.1 basal implant company (monoimplants switzerland) to kick start your implantology programme from the day you reach back your clinic.

Visit to basal implantology lab

3 days visit to india's leading dental laboratory involved in fabrication of basal implant prosthesis learn the lab work related to basal implantology.

Observe and assist over 20 live implant placement surgeries

Interact one on one and assist DR. ROHAN VIRANI treating basal implantology cases. Watch assist and learn placement of pterygoid implants, flapless protocols , lab and prosthetic work flow .

TIMINGS : MON - SATURDAY : 10 AM - 5PM. Duration : 20 days

Discounted ticketing to 3 days course on basal implant course

Extensive lectures on basal implantology live full mouth surgery hands on dummy jaws - place up to 6 implants in dummy jaws.


Feedback After Residency Program

Residency Programme


Duration of the residency programme

It is a 23 days programme. It is a one on one course which is mainly designed for practical purpose where the doctors will be placing implants under Dr Rohan’s guidance

What is the venue of the course?

The course is in Mumbai at Trisa dental solutions, b/3 bhagyashree apartment 1st floor dr Ambedkar Road.

Can you place implants in patient?

You will be given the choice of placing implants in patient.