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Online Implant Courses

Take your practice to the next level by learning step by step protocol of Basal Implantology.

Get access to video lessons, lectures, explanations given by Dr. Rohan Virani


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About Mentor


Author of India’s Ist book on BASAL IMPLANTOLOGY.

Trainer for dentists in basal implantology for the past 6 years.

Coached over 800 dentists in BASAL IMPLANTOLOGY Among Pioneer of basal implants in India.

Passionate about prosthetics in Basal Implantology & has engineered several unique concepts in BASAL IMPLANTOLOGY

Clinician -Runs state of art 1800 sq. ft in MUMBAI INDIA catering to overseas clients & celebrities

Mentor– International Foundation in Implant Dentistry

online masterclass

Contents Of Online Surgical Masterclass

Lecture on introduction to basal implants

Why basal implants

Advantages of basal implants-no cut no bone grafting no waiting

Concept of immediate functional loading

Types of basal implants-when to use which basal implant


Case planning in basal implant

Typical work flow in basalimplants-diagnostics-plannin surgery-prosthetics- occlusion

Pre recorded live full mouth surgery(20 implants placement)

Anaesthesia technique

How to get flapless pterygoid easily

Nasal cortical engagement

Lingual cortical engagement

Making perfect impressions with tilted implant-wondertip

Jaw relation

Rule of 3rds

Patient soft tissue profiling (without making denture)

Lecture on case planning with videos in various clinical situations

Planning for single tooth,segments, full arch & full mouth basal implants

Planning in immediate extractions and implants

Planning for immediate loading in aesthetic zone

Basal implants in bruxers

Basal implants in deranged occlusion

Lecture with pre -recorded videos on pterygoid implants

The golden rules never told to you before for placing perfect pterygoid

Rescue protocol if you cannot place pterygoid implant

Technique of double pterygoid implant single pterygoid implants

Double pterygoidimplant

Nervebypass technique for managing resorbed mandible

Yes you can do it too

How to accurately predict position of ian and bypass it predictably

Technique of lingual nerve bypass

Technique of buccal nerve bypass

Rescue protocol if you cannot bypass

Surgical anatomy of maxilla & mandible for basal implants

Know exactly the zones to engage and problems to avoid

Lecture on canine bypass technique

Tips on perfecting the canine bypass from day 1 understanding concept of deep balancing -wondertip

Contents Of Online Prosthetic Masterclass

Metal trial – pre recorded video with discussion

Watch and learn metal trial in full mouth implant case

Rule of 2*3 mm with its practical importance

Technique of rigid splinting – key to success in basal implantology

3 Techniques of angulation correction in basal implantology with videos

3 tips to get perfect angulations for better and easier prosthetics

Designing of prosthetic framework discussion on tooth biomaterials for immediate functional loading like composite teeth pmma teeth, g -cam teeth

Hybrid prosthesis

Ceramic prosthesis

Zirconia prosthesis

Composite prosthesis

Choice of cements in basal implantology

When where and how

Temporary cements

Glass inomer type 1

Glass inomer cement-fuji plus

Dual cure cement

Denture reline materials

Choice of cements in basal implantology

Concept of occlusal polygon

Type of occlusion in cl1 , cl2, cl3 jaw relation

Technique of adjusting bite in mouth

Understanding importance of bilateral balanced occlusion and how to achieve it

Know importance of afmp angle in basal implants

Contents Of Online Bonus Masterclass

Trouble shooting in basal implantology

Surgical trouble shooting



How to avoid

How to manage

Prosthetic trouble shooting




Most common occlusal errors

Temporization in basal implants

The most controversial topic in basal implantology

Intra oral welding

Everything you wanted to know about intra oral welding

When ?

Why ?

How ?

Sample Video

Pterygoid Implants

Placement of pterygoid implant, double pterygoids explained in detail in the online masterclass.

Lingual Nerve Bypass

Planning single implants, segments, full mouth case explained in detail.

How to plan immediate extraction and implant in anterior and posterior region explained

Case Planning In Basal Implantology