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Upcoming Events

3 Days Basal Implantology Course – Mumbai

The Workshop on 3 DAYS BASAL IMPLANTOLOGY COURSE conducted by Dr. Rohan Virani aims to provide dental professionals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.

3 days basal implantology workshop (july)

Trisa Enterprise is all set for the 3 DAYS BASAL IMPLANTOLOGY COURSE in MUMBAI from  5th JULY 2024  TO 7th JULY 2024. Limited Seats Available! Don’t miss out, Register Now!

Key Highlights:
1. Implants for Everybody
2. Learn Pterigoid Implants
3. Lingual Nerve Bypass
4. No Bone Graft/ No Sinus Lift
5. No Waiting Time
6. Gain the Confidence of Placing Implants on Your Own