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A Physiodispenser is used during implant surgery. It is essential to use a physio-dispenser in order to create slots to place the implant in the jawbone.

The jawbone should not get heated during its application. The physio-dispenser has the feature of rotating without stopping at very low speed (400-1000).

The speed and water pressure can be adjusted manually due to its engine structure and at the same time, it provides the implant slot to be opened without warming in the jaw bone with its sterile fluid assay.

The torque of the physio-dispenser can also be adjusted, also it has the ability to turn in both directions.

The Physio-dispenser can also be used in other surgical procedures.

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Most economical yet advanced digital physiodispenser with auto sense technology from trisa enterprise.

Can be used for conventional & basal implantology and also for various intraoral & extra oral surgical procedures like disimpaction, osteotomies, etc.

Physiodispenser Implant Unit

Autosense Technology

Digital Physiodispenser

What People Say


Can this physiodispenser be used for basal implants as well as conventional implants?

The physiodispenser has an auto sense technology. It can be used for basal as well as conventional implants also it can be used for disimpactions and other surgical procedures. When the 20:1 handpiece is attached to the motor it will automatically sense and same for the 1:1 handpiece and the speed will be provided according to the handpiece attached.

What is the maximum speed?

-Speed is 50- 2000 rpm for 20:1 mode
-Speed is 2000- 40000 rpm for 1:1 mode

Is there any guarantee on product?

There is a one-year unconditional guarantee on the product if there is any issue piece will be replaced.
In case of any problem/ issues with functionality of machine after delivery dentist will be guided to nearest service center with full support from trisa enterprise team.
we offer 1 year warranty on product for genuine issues. Not applicable for physical damages.

What is the difference between model 1 and model 2 physiodispenser?

-Model 1 – it has autosense technology and can be used for basal as well as conventional implants.
-Model 2- it is a completely digital model with autosense technology and it has 10 set programmes for placement of implants, for drilling protocols. It has torque control and digital display. You can also set your own programmes. The torque can be set between 5- 60ncm.