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About Us

dr. Rohan Virani

BASAL IMPLANT STORE is concepted, marketed and managed by TRISA ENTERPRISE. A brainchild of DR ROHAN VIRANI and DR PRIYAL VIRANI. The idea is to provide the best quality dental products and knowledge related to basal implant dentistry under one roof.

In just 3 years since inception (2018) the basal implant store has been associated with over 2500 dentists not only in INDIA but world wide.

The education programmes by DR ROHAN VIRANI are handcrafted to guide every dentist to confidently practice basal implant procedures in their clinic.

DR ROHAN VIRANI has been among the pioneers of basal implantology in INDIA. With over a decade of experience he loves to share his immense experience in field of basal implantology to his fellow dentists.

All the needed armamentarium , surgical kits ,basal implants & associated equipment’s are available with THE BASAL IMPLANT STORE which takes pride in providing a quick efficient and transparent support to all the dentists. Our always-on learning agenda drives us to continuously improve thus transferring the benefits to dentists associated with us.


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Who is Dr Rohan Virani?

Dr Rohan Virani is a basal implantologist he is practicing since past 14 years in Mumbai India his entire focus is on basal implantology since past 10 years. He has offered his services across India. He has been helping dentists across India to learn more about basal implantology.

What is Trisa Enterprise?

Trisa enterprise was established by Dr Rohan Virani and Dr Priyal Virani in 2016 with the primary objective of helping all the doctors out with everything related to basal implants. We provide books on basal implants for your reading, courses for better understanding. Also, we provide the necessary armamentarium.

How does Trisa enterprise support you after sales or post course support?

-Dr Rohan routinely provides lot of information on our facebook pages – implantology simplified, basal implants, whatsapp groups. All our course participants are added in our special whatsapp groups all the tips and tricks are continuously discussed in the previous batch groups new batch groups and dr. rohan’s cases and videos keep getting updated in these groups.
-The second support is that you can always video call dr. rohan Virani before your case starts so that you can discuss your cases so we can regarding your cases and dr. rohan has been doing this for past 6-7 years. Routinely 600-800 doctors discuss their cases with him routinely and the third thing is our residency programme where dr. rohan will guide you one on one to practice implants on patients.

What are the types of basal implants and how to select?

The first category of basal implants is the BCS implants it’s a polished smooth surface implant and can be used in all the cases where you want to immediate loading there is infection in the socket, there is resorbed bone or you require a massive change in the angulation by bending. There is zero risk of peri implantitis. The second category of implants is the KOS implant or compressive implants as the name suggests these implants are placed in the mouth by under preparation. The drilling is made lesser than the size of implants. This is preferred where there is good available bone. This implant threads is totally roughened.