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Basal Implantology Implementation Programme


Dr Rohan Virani has been practising implantology for over 13 years. After painstakingly studying and performing various grafting , sinus lift procedures he realized that it is impossible to keep augmenting bone and keep performing tissue grafting procedures for every patient. In his zest to make surgeries quick, effective and acceptable to patients he did various courses in INDIA AND ABROAD. Along with implementation of this newly acquired knowledge he himself devised various techniques, tips and tricks to make implantology easy , predictable and successful not only for routine cases but also for most challenging cases.

DR ROHAN VIRANI currently runs a 2000 sq.ft state of the art 6 chair dental practise in heart of Mumbai focussing exclusively on immediate loading graftless Implantology using basal implants with latest techniques.
In this unique live interaction workshop Dr Rohan Virani will share this secrets accumulated over the years in a simple ready to use formula for participating dentists. This is one of your unique opportunity to interact with Dr Rohan Virani who is also the author of textbook basal implantology simplified- 5x your dental implant practise.

Apart from various surgical & prosthetic discussions Dr Rohan Virani will also be discussing topics which are rarely discussed in any programme i.e.

  • How to get patient to say yes for dental implant.
  • How to market your practise for dental implant.
  • How to charge the patient for dental implants.
  • How to give warranty/guarantee on dental implant.
  • How to handle problems /failures in implantology.
  • How to motivate your existing patients to refer you new implant cases.

Registration Open for Basal Implantology Implementation Programme

This is a uniquely devised programme comprising of

Lecture Series

  • Introduction to concepts on basal implantology – Why basal implantology will be game changer in your practise?
  • Extensive discussion on bone physiology and current generation of basalimplants.
  • Which type of basal implants to use and when.
  • How exactly to prepare your operatory for any and every implant surgery without creating a stressful environment for yourself and your patient
  • Use of treatment planning template (tpt) – your sure shot way to predictably plan for any case
  • Discussion and presentation on various prosthetic protocols in basal implantology
  • Trouble shooting in basal implantology- handle problem of food lodgement, ceramic chipping
  • Temporization in basal implantology
  • Retrievable solutions in basal implantology – from fantasy to reality !
  • prosthesis selection criteria for hybrid, cad cam prosthesis, pfm prosthesis, zirconia prosthesis etc.
  • Occlusal concepts in immediate loading

Live Pre Recorded Surgeries

Watch live Pre – Recorded surgeries by DR ROHAN VIRANI which will give you exact idea of what you should be doing and how you should be doing it along with a live commentary by Dr Rohan Virani himself .He will explain you step by step entire thought process and logic behind his each move as you watch the surgery.


Pre recorded video demonstration will include


Surgical pre recorded video demonstrations

1. Single tooth scenarios with immediate loading protocol.
2. Segment cases with immediate loading protocol.
3. Demonstration of full mouth cases.
4. Special hand-picked videos of pterygoid dental implants.
5. Pre-recorded hand picked video on nervebypass technique.
6. Demonstration of intra oral welding.

Prosthetic Pre Recorded Video Demonstrations

1. How to make accurate impressions after implant placement using quick splint technique.
2. 2 rim technique of jaw relation.
3. How to deprogramme any patient in less than 2 minutes.
4. How to use intra oral jig for paralleling implant abutments APVP PROTOCOL.
5. How to determine accuracy of metal trial – commonly made errors by most labs and how to correct it.
6. How to cement prosthesis in basal implantology without causing cement excess (flush protocol).
7. How to adjust OCCLUSION in basal implantology cases.

Hands on Participants

  • All participants will get Hands-on placement of 8 implants in stereolithic models including.
  • Placement of pterygoid dental implant.
  • Nasal cortical cortical engagement.
  • Perform nervebypass under supervision of DR ROHAN VIRANI.


Open session where you can discuss everything related to implantology with dr rohan virani and get unique practise building insights.

Certificate Distribution

Participating doctors will get certificate


Bonus Session

Special session on ptyergoid implant and nervebypass worth inr 9999/- is made available complimentary as –part of this programme.

Payment Policy

1. 100% advance payment details rules & conditions.
once payment done please share screenshot.
2. Once booked seat is not-exchangeable.
3. Due to high demant for the course we follow no-cancellation policy.
4. Programme Schedule and dates will be finalised by organisers, participant need to select from the dates which will be offered to them.
5. No Refund will be given under any circumstances.