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About This Programme

  • DR ROHAN VIRANI is known for his innovative & simplistic methods of training. After this programme you will gain confidence to start handling cases in your

Work on patients

Personalised patient handson

Certified by IFFID

Implants For Every Body.

No Waiting Time

No Bone Grafts



Registration Open for Implantology Course – Dental Implant Course

24th May 2024 – 26th May 2024 (MUMBAI)

International Certification By IFFID



Live Demo

Intra oral welding


T scan analysis

Facebow transfer



Partialextraction therapy(P.E.T)

Use of intra oral scanner


Day 1

Introduction to concepts on basal implantology, bone physiology, treatment planning

Live surgery (full mouth)

Lunch break

Lectures & discussions on treatment planning, surgical protocols

Tea break

Lectures continued

Day 2

Revision of day 1

Simplest protocol for ptyergoid implants

Nervebypass tips & tricks

Live demonstration - metal try-in

Lunch break

Lectures & discussions on treatment planning, surgical protocols

Implant placements in patients by participants

Live demonstration of intra oral welding

Day 3

Table hands-on place 4 implants in stereolithic models

Occlusal concepts in immediate loading

Trouble shooting in basal implantology

Lunch break live cementation & occlusal calibrations

Certificate distribution

Open session highlights - live over 30 implant placements- kos, bcs, microthread day3 day2 day1


Feedback After Basal Implantology Course

Glimpses of Basal Implant Course

What People Say


Who is the mentor?

Dr Rohan Virani is the mentor. He is a basal implantologist he is practicing since past 14 years in Mumbai India his entire focus is on basal implantology since past 10 years. He has offered his services across India. He has been helping dentists across India to learn more about basal implantology. This is the first book on basal implantology in India.

What is the course venue?

The course is in Mumbai at Trisa dental solutions, b/3 bhagyashree apartment 1st floor Dr. Ambedkar Road.

Can you place implants in patient?

Yes, this course gives all the participants the option to choose implant placement in patient, it is optional and the doctor can choose whether or not he wants to place implants in patient.

Is hands on included?

Yes, hands on is included in the course where doctors place 8-10 implants in stereo lithic models.

Is this course for beginners or advanced users?

This course is for beginners as well as the advanced users starting from basics of surgical procedures discussing planning on OPG to bite balancing, occlusion, welding all the topics will be covered.