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Basal Implantology Simplified


Basal implantology simplified, a dental implant book is a revolutionary and practice changing insight on how to treat patients with missing teeth with minimally invasive and simplistic treatment protocols in just 3 days time. This scientific and practical approach mentioned in this book not only makes the treatment easier for the patient but also the dentist offering this therapy. This automatically leads to a huge influx of other patients looking for similar dental work with this technique. Hence it may be apt to call this book a practice revolution in more ways than one.

Purpose of book

The book helps to logically and simplistically migrate the dentists to this new and exciting science of basal implantology thus bypassing the ancient and now challengeable rules of dental implantology. The foundation for understanding the science of basal implantology and its practical applications for benefit of patients in general and mankind in specific will be well established to the readers of this book.
This book can be the 1st of its kind in the field of basal implantology.

Problems solved by the book for readers

It is obvious by now the readers of this book will be dentists who wish to provide their patients with simple yet scientifically established latest treatment protocols. The techniques mentioned in this book are so simple yet unfortunately away from the hands of many dentists until now.
The step by step guidelines, easy reading and logistical algorithms mentioned in this book help not only provide great treatment outcomes to patients but also shoots the productivity of the dentists by upto 5 times or even more.

Who Should Read This Book ?

  Dental students pursuing dental sciences at undergraduate/post-graduate level.
 Private dental practitioners.
  Dental implantologists.
 Undergraduate students who wish to know the fundamentals of basal implants and associated implant anatomy
 Postgraduate students who wish to know and practically apply the science of basal implants to benefit their patients.
  Oral and plastic surgeons rehabilitating oral cancer patients after hemi maxillectomy /hemi mandibulectomies

  Prosthodontists executing dental implant prosthesis in various scenarios like – single tooth, segments, full mouth dental implants.
  Dentists in private practice who need clinical guidelines and practical approach to kickstart implant practise.
 Seasoned dental implantologists who wish to upgrade to more non-invasive dental implant procedures
  Dentists who wish to offer their patients less time consuming and painless dental implants
  Dentists who wish to know how to give their patients fixed teeth in various scenarios in less then 3 days without extensive bone grafting surgeries.
  Dentists who wish to treat medically compromised patients like severe hypertension, diabetics etc in which conventional implants are not possible due to practical limitations
  Dentists who wish to rehabilitate patients with resorbed ridges and penumatised sinuses
  Dentists who wish to 5x their implant practise and thus increase overall clinic profits in an absolutely healthy and scientific ethical way
  Dentist who wish to provide teeth for patients who have no scope or failed conventional implants.

Purpose of book
Problems solved by the book for readers
Who Should Read This Book ?

Dental Implant Book

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Contents of basal implantology book

Review of basal implantology book

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Who is the author of the book?

Dr Rohan Virani is the author of this book. He is a basal implantologist he is practicing since past 14 years in Mumbai India his entire focus is on basal implantology since past 10 years. He has offered his services across India. He has been helping dentists across India to learn more about basal implantology. This is the first book on basal implantology in India.

How many chapters does the book contain?

Total there are 16 chapters in the book starting from basics of basal implantology to explaining the armamentarium in detail which is followed by complete and detailed case planning with lot of images, different case presentations , special chapter on pterygoid implants where it is written in the most simplistic and clinically oriented manner how to place the implants , also nerve bypass , special mention about complications how to resolve the complications and stent guided basal implantology all made simple to 5x your implant practice.

How can you order the book?

You can contact trisa enterprise on 9321533493 and you can order your book. After the complete payment your book will be dispatched.

How many days it takes for the delivery?

It usually takes 3-4 working days after the complete payment is received. Our dispatch team is there to guide you related to all courier doubts after the purchase.