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An absolute force of nature , the first thing  you notice in the picture above is the incredible difference in the smile of the patient before and after. The story behind is surprisingly common . Due to poor periodontal condition and recurrent  periapical infection her teeth were failing.From back to front , top to bottom, they were moving and wobbling and were grossly destructed leaving the root pieces behind. Eventually not only her smile suffered but it also caused a lot of difficulty in chewing the food of her choice .

Hence this time she was expecting a fixed long term solution for all her problems . After having a detailed discussion with her she decided to opt for basal implants supported with fixed prosthesis  which is not only a fixed solution but also a less traumatic and least painful procedure as it does not require any cuts or bone grafting.

Brief About Basal Implants:

Basal implant procedure refers to the principles of utilizing basal bone which is free of infection and resorption. The basal implant is a new broad indication and has almost no limitations.

It could be categorized to be an “ Oral Division of Orthopedic surgery as per Basal Implant Center in Mumbai at Trisa Dental Solutions.” We were one of the first providers of the Immediate Basal Implant system in Mumbai, India.

Here are a few advantages & benefits of Basal implants:

Flapless implants , which means the treatment will involve no cuts, and bleeding will be minimal.

No bone grafting is required.

Faster recovery.

Basal implants are also called immediate loading implants because they are loaded in 72 hours.

This is the pre operative intra oral view showing completely edentulous maxilla and mandible with only few root pieces in the posterior region.


This is the preoperative radiographic view showing previously root canal treated root pieces in the mandibular posterior region  which were extracted later.


After careful examination 16 smooth surface implants (AKA Basal Implants ) were placed immediately. The entire procedure was flapless and least painful.


Intra oral welding was done for the maxillary arch to stabilize the dental implants in the Augmented sites .


For the mandibular arch after the implant placement, the impression copings are snapped on top of the implant and the impression is then made and sent to the laboratory where the lab analog is connected to the impression coping. The following image shows mandibular cast with the lab analog  along with the verification jigs placed over it. These jigs are then transfer intraorally  over the implant abutment and the metal part protruding out is then reduced to correct the angulation of the abutment.


As the implants in the maxillary arch  are welded direct impression is made after blocking the undercuts , of the entire assembly. The following image depicts the maxillary cast with the metal frame for lip support.


This image represents the finished and polished upper and lower hybrid prosthesis fabricated after a number of laboratory steps to be followed after metal try in.


The entire intaglio surface of the maxillary and the mandibular prosthesis can be seen in the image below. You can also notice that the maxillary prosthesis has a channel for seating of the implant abutment with welding wire.


This is the post operative radiographic view . The image indicates complete bone healing around the smooth surface implants / basal implants.


Maxillary and the mandibular prosthesis are placed in situ after proper examination.


Right and Left lateral image of the prosthesis placed in situ. Also proper care has been taken to provide bilateral balanced occlusion  maintaining required functional as well as aesthetic form of the prosthesis.


After the hassle-free treatment procedure, thanks to all the dentists and the well trained friendly staff involved at Trisa Dental Solutions, the patient gained back his confident smile